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Welcome to our Challenge Club Website!

Holy Rosary and Saint Benedict Parishes

Milton, Ontario

April 2016

"This past week in Challenge we learned and participated in the sacrament of Adoration. We talked to the girls about what they already knew about Adoration and previous times they had been to the sacrament. It was very interesting to hear some of their Adoration stories and I was amazed at how knowledgeable they were on the subject. We walked to the chapel and got to have an intimate moment with Jesus that I think everyone appreciated. I felt a lot more at peace and happy after and feel that it really impacted the rest of my weekend as well. We watched our Challenge cheer which turned out great thanks to Daniela's hard work and dedication. We also made invitations for the Father-Daughter Day which will surely be a blast. Looking forward to next week's meeting and seeing everyone again."

Report written by Silvia, Challenge Milton Leader

We have two fabulous club events this month: the Mother/Daughter Tea on Saturday April 23 at 2:30 pm (see poster below for details) and Club Bowling Night on Friday April 29 at 6:45 pm till 9:00 pm at Champs Family Entertainment Centre. See Poster below on "This Week in Challenge Page" for more details. Bowling at 7:00 pm, pizza and snacks and talk with Father Pierre, to follow. Last year's event was EPIC! Looking forward to a fun evening...

This past Friday in Challenge we began by playing a game in the gym that connected to our themes: 1. Why do I need my family? and 2. Why does my family need me?

In this game, similar to “Hot Potato,” depending on what colour ball you had in your hand, you were asked to write a reason for one of the two themes on the given posters. For the first theme, (why do we need our family), there were many reasons written down such as for a home, education, food, etc. In general, it was agreed that it was more difficult to find a reason why our families needed us! Daniela, our adult leader, then explained that just as we find we really do need certain members of our family, especially to help and support us, our families need us too in ways that we do not realize. We followed this discussion with our gospel reflections, and then the girls prepared some lovely posters and props for the upcoming Father-Daughter Event to be held at the end of May. Jessica, one of our team leaders, videoed the girls talking about what makes their Dad special and what is their favourite thing to do with him. Later, some upcoming events were announced. Firstly, on Friday, April 29, all the girls were invited to come for a totally awesome bowling night at Champs! This will be a great way to have fun while getting to know one other better. The other event which was announced was the serving apostolate at the upcoming Marriage Renewal to be held on Saturday, May 14. I have personally attended this event for the past two years and have truly enjoyed it! Last year it began with a beautiful Mass in which each of the attending couples renewed their vows. After Mass the couples were seated and each of us, having been assigned a table beforehand, served them a formal dinner. Prior to doing this, each of us had been instructed on how to serve so we didn't need to worry about dropping a plate or spilling the food on anyone! In between shifts of serving, we were invited to relax and eat some delicious food in an adjoining room. I would highly recommend this great experience to anyone considering going!

Looking forward to seeing you all at Champs this Friday!

Report written by Lillianna, Challenge Milton youth leader

Club Bowling Night on Friday April 29 at 6:30 pm till 9:00 pm at Champs Family Entertainment Centre. See Poster below for more details.

Bowling at 7:00 pm, pizza and snacks and talk with Father Pierre, to follow. Last year's event was EPIC! Looking forward to a fun evening.

Dear Challenge Families:

On Saturday, May 14, Challenge members are invited to participate in hosting an elegant occasion for married couples, the “Marriage Vow Renewal Event” sponsored by Regnum Christi, to be held at Holy Rosary Parish in Milton (poster on our Challenge website).

Arriving at 3:00 pm, the members will receive instruction to “professionally” host specially assigned tables-for-two before attending the Mass and Vow Renewal for the couples. They will then assist at their tables during a multi-course formal dinner served during the program.

The attire is white sleeved blouse with black (knee-length) skirt or slacks (no jeans pls.) Pizza (or other light dinner) and drinks will be provided for the girls. Duties end around 8:45-9pm.

Our club has enjoyed much success with this apostolate in previous years and members havetaken great pride in their accomplishments and honoring reviews from attendees. It’s a beautiful experience for them to witness this special celebration of commitment in the sacrament of marriage!

We hope that you will bring your daughter to be part of this event. Kindly respond before

April 21 to [email protected] or 905-840-6650.

Thank you for your support in this opportunity to serve our community!