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Welcome to our Challenge Club Website!

Holy Rosary and Saint Benedict Parishes

Milton, Ontario

Archives of February 2016 Meetings

Feb. 26, 2016:

Last week we had the opportunity of receiving the gift of Reconciliation. What a great way to start the season of Lent! On Feb. 26, we will continue our Lenten journey by going to Holy Rosary Parish's Stations of the Cross to reflect and understand the importance of this season and also to remember how much Jesus loves us. Please remember to bring your indoor shoes, Challenge shirt, and kit! :) Be prepared to record the Challenge Cheers, and sing and rehearse poems, stories, etc. for our upcoming St Patrick's Day apostolate. Don't forget to bring your music pieces (if you are playing an instrument), poems, stories etc. to the meeting on Feb. 26.

Parents: For Feb. 26 meeting, drop- off will be at the church for 7:00 pm. Sign in at the church lobby. Pick up will be back at the school as usual.

Team Project: Challenge Cheer!

This week we will finish our Challenge cheer video so bring all your energy and smiles, and make sure you review the words" :)

Song: Hotline Bling

We are Challenge Milton

And God we are here to serve

I got me that challenge love

Because in Christ we unite

Song: Shake it off

We will conquer loneliness

Sadness loneliness and sin

Showing God greatness, God’s mercy and love

Because Jesus loves me

And with him nothing else will hurt me

Song: Watch me

You watch me pray

You watch me worship

You watch me pray pray

Watch me worship

watch me, watch me, watch me, watch me (x2)

Now pray the rosary (x4)