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Welcome to our Challenge Club Website!

Holy Rosary and Saint Benedict Parishes

Milton, Ontario

Challenge Milton Assists at the Stations of the Cross, March 1, 2017 at Holy Rosary Parish

The virtue of the month for Challenge and Conquest in April is Piety.

Piety is an interesting virtue. We all know vaguely what piety means and if you were to imagine a pious person, you would probably envision someone praying fervently. But piety is actually a lot more than just being prayerful. It’s a pretty tough virtue that takes constant daily effort. The official Catholic definition of piety is

“A special gift of the Holy Spirit; it perfects the virtue of religion, which is the practice of justice toward God. It produces an instinctive filial affection for God and devotion toward those who are specially consecrated to God. As an infused gift of God, it is ready loyalty to God and the things of God, arising not so much from studied effort or acquired habit as from a supernatural communication conferred by the Holy Spirit.”

That is a pretty hefty definition. Basically, it means we give to God what he deserves from us -love, time, prayer, worship and we respect the things and people of God . It means we pray to God because he is our loving Father and we want to spend time with him. We turn to him throughout the day and pray with deep intense faith that he is listening. When we see priests or consecrated women or nuns, we treat them with respect and kindness because they serve God. Even though piety is a gift of the Holy Spirit, we have to practice it every single day by making time for prayer.

Mother Teresa once said, “If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you. Listen in silence because if your heart is full of other things you cannot hear the voice of God. What is essential is not what we say but what God tells us.”

Prayer is all about getting to know God and letting HIM become a real part of your daily life. It is about talking to Christ, your friend. You can pray anywhere, anytime… about anything. This is true piety – giving God his rightful place in our lives.

Today is

Good Friday

of the Sacred Triduum.

Dear Challenge Club Members and Families:

As we move through the Sacred Triduum, here is an excerpt from the Regnum Christi Newsletter to its members. Perhaps we can choose do follow one suggestion, or more if you are able.

To help us live united to Christ in his passion during Holy Week, we are invited to:

Read the Passion of the Lord during your Gospel Reading time in the following manner:

Wednesday of Holy Week, the Passion according to St. Matthew

Holy Thursday, the Passion according to St. Mark

Good Friday, the Passion according to St. John

Holy Saturday, the Passion according to St. Luke

This is one way to live the mystery of the salvation of mankind close to Christ.

During the Sacred Triduum of Holy Week (from the afternoon of Holy Thursday until the Paschal Vigil), we may choose to voluntarily abstain from the use of radio and television, unless the programs are related to the mysteries the Church is celebrating. 

We should not go to public spectacles or nightclubs, to recollect our spirits with sentiments of gratitude and recognition in our meditation on the acts which the Church is celebrating.

While many treat this time as an extra-long weekend and dedicate it to diversion and dissipation, we, the members of the Movement, should strive to unite ourselves to the life of the Church and value the gift of our own redemption, obtained by Christ’s love through his passion and death on the cross.

"Today is the celebration of our hope, the celebration of of this truth: nothing and no one will ever be able to separate us from God's love. "

Pope Francis

Jesus Christ is Risen Today. Alleluia.

This Friday!!

Our Annual




See Poster for Details.

Arrive for 6:30 pm.

This is also a fundraising event.

Raffles for fun prizes!

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