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Welcome to our Challenge Club Website!

Holy Rosary and Saint Benedict Parishes

Milton, Ontario

May/June 2016 Catechism Archive

This past meeting, on May 20th, was a very special one! Not only was it the last meeting of the year, but it was also focussed on Mary. May is the month of Mary. In order to honour Mary, the girls went to the beautiful statue of Mary at Holy Rosary Church to crown the statue. After the crowning of Mary, the girls had some prayer time. The meeting also consisted of a Gospel reflection, creating skits based on the lives of saints and discussing what would have happened if the saint had chosen a different path. It was a great meeting and the girls had lots of fun! We are looking forward to our Father/Daughter Day this coming Friday, May 27th. We hope that it will be a special time for the girls to bond with their dad or male/father figure.

written by Sylvia de Leon, Challenge Milton Leader

At the May 13th meeting, we began with announcements and Mrs. Belford reading thank you cards and testimonies from patrons at our Mother/Daughter Fundraising Tea and from the Martindale Gardens Senior's Apostolate. You may read these cards and testimonies on our Testimonies page. We also wrote two cards to the residents of Martindale Gardens Retirement Home, saying how much we enjoyed the experience to sing and perform for them.

May 13 is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, when Our Lady appeared to three children Lucia Santos, and cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto in Fatima, Portugal, starting on May 13, 1917. The children saw a lady "brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal goblet filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun". The woman wore a white mantle edged with gold and held a rosary in her hand. She asked them to devote themselves to the Holy Trinity and to pray "the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and an end to the war". While they had never spoken to anyone about the angel, Jacinta divulged her sightings to her family despite Lúcia's admonition to keep this experience private. Her disbelieving mother told neighbors as a joke, and within a day the whole village knew. You can read more about the story of Our Lady of Fatima here:[3].

Two leaders are graduating from high school this June: Jessica Ponce and Lucy Warren. Jessica will study Computer Science at York University. Lucy will take a "gap" year, before deciding her post secondary educational course. We wish them both well! You may see photos of the cake cutting on our photo gallery page.

The Gospel Reading was from Matthew 7:7-11 and we reflected on asking God for what you want (called: petition prayers).

In preparation for the May 27 meeting's Father/Daughter Event, videos were taken and we finished decorating posters for the event. It's going to be a fun time with our dads and our friends!

See you next Friday, back at Holy Rosary School.

written by Lucy Warren, Challenge Milton Leader

Next meeting: Friday May 27, 6:30-9 pm at Holy Rosary School. Come prepared to have a blast with all our Challenge Girls and Dads! Don't forget to bring your indoor shoes, shirt, and pot luck food item.

Thank you for your support of Halton Alive with your baking donations and volunteer time.  

Dear Parents:

We need your help to take a moral stand against the Joint Parliamentary Committee’s proposed legislation, which recommends forcing healthcare professionals to refer patients for assisted suicide/euthanasia and mandating publicly funded institutions to provide assisted death on their premises.

Please use your voice to support Cardinal Collins, Bishop Crosby and all concerned Canadians by writing to the federal government and your local MP. To do so, please go to "Catholic Resources: Families" page on this website and follow the suggestions.

More information on assisted suicide/euthanasia will be available at all Challenge Meetings at the sign in desk. There are sample letters and postcards to send to MP's, the PM and Ministers of Health and Justice, as well as quick answers to questions concerning these issues, in order to educate yourself and your family.

Thank you for your concern and action!

 It's been a busy 6 weeks for our Challenge Club in Milton. Just ask Mrs. Nazneen Duarte, who co-ordinated the Halton Alive bake sale with Conquest Club members at Holy Rosary Parish, organized the Father/Daughter Event, and now this past weekend, spearheaded the running of Camp Brébeuf. She is just one more example of the endless enthusiasm Challenge clubs inspire in our members and parent volunteers. Thanks also to our girls for participating in all these events, for parents getting them there, and for team leaders and volunteer parents tirelessly working in the background. Of course, where would we be without the spiritual and physical support of Fathers Thomas Murphy, Pierre Caouette and Brothers Patrick and Luke, LC.

Please see our gallery for new photos.

A summary of Camp Brebeuf is coming soon, but in the meantime, photos are being shared via Google Photos.

Dear Families and Friends of Holy Rosary Challenge,

Camp Brebeuf was such a sensational finale to the 2015-16 season, thanks to the superb direction of Mrs. Nazneen Duarte, Mrs. Angela Hoffbauer, and Ms. Daniela Ponce, together with many volunteers and the excellent spiritual program of Fathers Thomas Murphy, Pierre Caouette, and the Legionaries of Christ.

Be sure to see our photo gallery and Camp Brebeuf 2016 Page for overview and a link to more photos!

I also take this opportunity to express most sincere thanks for the privilege of serving with so many talented volunteers over recent years as president. It is now a great pleasure to introduce to you our new Club President, Ms. Daniela Ponce, who will bring solid leadership and experience to the growing vision for our club!

As President, Daniela will continue to manage this email account ([email protected]) and I know she will enjoy the support and enthusiasm of all of you in all club activities.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the 2016-17 Challenge season!

Yours in Christ,

Mary Jean Belford

Past President

Challenge Club Milton

A few weeks ago Challenge Milton hosted its very first Father-Daughter event.

In this evening, fathers and daughters were able to spend some precious and fun-filled time together. The action-packed evening began with crazy pictures being taken at the photo booth and an exciting game of dodgeball. The sides were: Dad vs. Daughters-lots of competition there-won't say who won! ;) After a few rounds of dodgeball, we all sat down to enjoy a delicious potluck dinner. It was quite a feast as everybody brought their favourite dish! Following dinner, the dads and daughters were split into three groups which rotated in stations having different activities.

First, there was an obstacle course through which the fathers had to guide their blindfolded daughters by giving only spoken directions.

Even though the course looked easy when we saw it, it was very difficult when the blindfold was put on and was a true challenge! Then, to add some more activity to the evening, a game called “Hungry Hippos” was

played: fathers pushed their daughters around on small skateboards while the girls collected as many balls as possible into their arms from all around on the ground in one minute. What a blast! Following this, the fathers then had a opportunity to give their girls a fancy hairdo. This station was one full of laughter as it was many of the fathers' first time (or since childhood) doing their daughters' hair! What inventive styles they created for us!!! Then each father-daughter team took time to think of what their

family's loved to do together and drew some of these activities on a poster. The last station was three-legged race competitions – a great way to burn off all the calories accumulated at supper!! This lively evening ended in a thank-you to Mrs. Belford for her many years as club president and in welcoming Daniela Ponce as the new club one. We are so grateful for the dedication and love Mrs. Belford has given our club over the past five years and are excited for the upcoming season with Daniela! Hope to

see all of you in September!!

written by Lillianna H.

Challenge Milton leader