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Welcome to our Challenge Club Website!

Holy Rosary and Saint Benedict Parishes

Milton, Ontario

Archive Page for November and December 2017

November 2017

Thanks Father Pierre for a very informative presentation and discussion on the raising of Millenial children: Yi's.

Don't miss our next Mom's talk on Friday Dec. 8 with Father Todd Arsenault.

To summarize Father's talk:

Today’s youth has the typical youthful enthusiasm along with noble desires to change and improve the world around them – and technology offers them new tools for that end. At the same time they face challenges old and new such as the danger of feeling overwhelmed, being overprotected and being cut from previous generations. Part of the solution is to have parents, mentors, teachers and other adults guiding them, challenging them and accompanying them in their journey toward adulthood. This way our they will give our youth the tools which will serve them for life and one day they will be infinitely grateful.

ECYD Pledge of Friendship with Jesus Christ

Challenge Volunteers (Grace and Gabby)

at the Milton Special Olympics, at Craig Kielburger School .

Daniella, Isabella and Natalie with Conquest Boys Club Members, serving at the Marion Courtyard Christmas dinner.

December 2017

Christmas Carolling Apostolate at Milton Hospital, Dec. 1, 2017.

His Holiness Pope Francis, said this on the World Day of Prayer for the Sick in 2017:

"The solidarity shown by Christ, the Son of God born of Mary, is the expression of God's merciful omnipotence, which is made manifest in our life--above all when that life is frail, pain-filled, humbled, marginalized and suffering--and fills it with the power of hope that can sustain us and enable us to get up again."

Thank you Father Todd Arsenault for coming to the Club Meeting on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in December, with your beautiful and uplifting Moms Talk. Parents, take a moment to read his reflection below.


Christ is the greatest gift! How can I better share this treasure like Mother Mary?

I haven’t seen it yet- only the trailers- but the Movie “The Star” gives us the Nativity story from the vantage point of the animals. From what I have seen they recognize that the infant Jesus to be born to Mary and Joseph is the greatest gift and needs protecting from the dangers around them. The little donkey, sheep and dove as the main animal characters put their lives on the line to assure the baby Jesus is safe. They recognized the gift!

Today being the Immaculate Conception is a real blessing for us and a gift! Mary is a gift to all peoples because she is what each of us is called to in Christ! The Immaculate Conception teaches us that God is in charge and that he can change the course of history. Humanity is not lost eternally to sin but is saved through grace, through Jesus. Adam and Eve made decisions that severely their intimate relationship with God and caused them to fear Him and blame others for their sins. God in his time wanted to show us that he could heal this breach and restore us to the intimacy our first parents once knew. It would be different in that he would do it through his Son before his entry into the world in the case of Mary- by merit of his death and resurrection to come- and because of his entry into the world.

I wonder if we really understand what the Lord is teaching us through Mary’s special privileged grace of being immaculately conceived. Have we stopped to think about what it really means for us?

Firstly, Mary teaches us to take nothing for granted. She doesn’t think herself better than anyone else. She didn’t think she deserved it but because God offered it to her she accepted. She lives her life seeking to love God, his will and to give glory to him by her life. She is consumed by love him and not selfish love for herself. Grace leads us to this.

Secondly, Mary teaches us about humble service to all. She knows the task asked of her isn’t easy and won’t be understood by all. Yet, she wants to serve God and gives her ok to God’s plan embracing it though there are questions. She is generous with herself- her openness to becoming the mother of the Messiah. Later we see her- already pregnant- run off to serve her cousin Elizabeth for three months or so. Her generous service to the early Church in prayer, testimony and encouragement.

Thirdly, Mary teaches us the importance of trust in God’s goodness. She faced many difficulties: trust that Joseph would support her, that they wouldn’t fall into danger, and that they would be provided for wherever they were, that her son would make a difference. She put her faith in God and her Son.

When I left home in July 1994 I had to make an act of faith and trust in God that he would take care of me. I didn’t have any reassurances or guarantees. I only had God’s word that he would be faithful to me and accompany me wherever I go. I only needed to love him, his will as I understood it then and try to give glory to him with my life just as Mary.

It was a journey. It was amazing but at the same time nerve-racking. I had to give him the control and be open to his plan. I saw the beauty of the gift of Christ and desired it but I knew it would demand that I convert my heart so as to totally embrace it in my life! I wasn’t worthy of my vocation but God still offered it to me. It was demanding and challenging but at the same time rewarding and joyful. Through the really hard times we as a religious congregation had to the amazing moments of great family closeness I have always felt God’s closeness. Faith and hope are so important in our lives. Without them we are easily lost.

In your own journeys as Christian parents you need to put a great deal of faith and trust in God. I guess you could easily put God aside and work only to amass money, comfort and put your kids through university but even with all the successes in the world we won’t be truly happy on the deepest level unless we live a life of faith and trust like Mary.

There are so many variables in life. We don’t know if a job will be there tomorrow in many cases. What is the house burns down like some have experienced. We move countries and need to start again. The kids are a worry. We want their best.

 I think you can all look to Mary and Joseph as an example and see that work wasn’t always great for Joseph. They didn’t always have the best house- Jesus’ birth! They had to go to Egypt to flee danger. They had to protect Jesus. He lived with them for 30 years!

Mary is a model for you and I. We can learn from her. She isn’t up there and we down here. She is one of us. Given a very special grace, yes. But human like us and she teaches us by her example how to find and follow God’s will. She teaches us how to surrender our whole life and family to God’s providence. It is perhaps one of the toughest thing for us all: surrendering our will to God. We want control. But God isn’t saying that you have to stop using your free will and being responsible. He is saying make him a real part of it all. Don’t live as if he wasn’t there. He cares about all you go through. It isn’t too tedious for him. He teaches us how to prioritize and live a life of faith and Mary models this for us and roots for us always. It is her joy to do so!

Questions to think about:

What is a time you have experienced the closeness of God’s presence in family or personal life and understood the importance of trusting in God and seeing him as the greatest gift?

How can you as a parent learn from Mary’s example and how can you teach that to your children?

What is the thing you most admire in Mary and would like to see more present in your family life?

Christmas Pot Luck and Pagent with Milton Conquest Boys Club

More Photos of the Conquest/Challenge Christmas Celebration

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