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Welcome to our Challenge Club Website!

Holy Rosary and Saint Benedict Parishes

Milton, Ontario

We are Challenge Milton!

Archives for September to December 2016 Meetings and Events

A Message from Mary Jean Belford, past Challenge Milton Club President

As our Challenge Club has evolved over the past 5 years, I feel so grateful for God’s grace in being among the many beautiful families and members eager to know Jesus more intimately and to share the joy of Catholic faith with others. Thank you all so much for your prayers, support and participation in the club’s mission.

In particular, it has been a gift and privilege to serve with so many talented and generous volunteers. The club has been possible because of the unfailing commitment and continuous contributions from these moms and youth team leaders. May I take a moment, here, to recognize the joyful, energetic and complete commitment of our courageous and conquering youth leaders....

Senior Team Leaders Past & Present

Laura Guiducci and Kathleen DeCouto (launched club 2011-2013)

Lucy Warren, Jessica Ponce (2013-present)

Sylvia de Leon, Lillianna Hoffbauer, Dana Belford (2014-present)

Silvia Guerrero (2016 –present)

Chloe Kemeni (2012-2014)

Samantha Gamero (2012-2013)

Previous/Assistant Leaders

Cynthia Thenganatt (2013-2014)

Ariana Tapia (2013-2014)

Rebecca Dunlop (2013-14)

Vanessa D’Souza (2012)

Adult Leaders

Daniela Ponce (2013-2016)

Amanda Conteduca (2012-2013)

Melissa Lindo (2011-2012)

Supporting Moms

Ana Moralez (2013-present)

Susana Gonzalez (2012-present)

Margaret Durham (2012-2014)

Juliana Gonzalez (2013-2014)

Lina Diaz (2014-2015)

Nicolette DeCouto (2011-2013)

Karen McCall (2011-2012)

Thank you wholeheartedly for sharing so much of yourselves, for your charity and passion in your “yes” to Christ through this apostolate!

Executive Members, Formators and Community

Warm thanks go to the Priests and staff of Holy Rosary Parish for ongoing support and to the Legionaries of Christ Fathers (Father Todd Arsenault, Father Thomas Murphy and Father Pierre Caouette) who have guided, strengthened and assisted our club faithfully.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to:

Mrs. Liz Santos, Club co-founder, whose tremendous effort and determination undeniably made the first two years possible, and who has given endless energy in co-ordinating a tall order of successful events, retreats, annual fundraising and assisting club leadership through all five years;

Mrs. Maria Guiducci for two years of recruiting and supporting team leaders and training, and providing curriculum assistance…essential to our program;

and to two moms who have been pillars in constantly and tirelessly adding new dimension to the apostolate over the past three years:

Mrs. Rosanne Warren for creating and directing amazing music/drama apostolates, building and maintaining outstanding club communications, securing large annual donations and assisting club co-ordination; and

Mrs. Angela Hoffbauer for diligently sourcing, co-ordinating, promoting and administrating new retreat/camp opportunities as well as assisting in club co-ordination.

Special thanks to Miss Ana Daniela Ponce for so competently carrying our club program and team leader direction over the past three years; and to Miss Lucy Warren for beautifully developing and maintaining this season’s highlight...our club website!

Ladies, your ardour, joy and enthusiasm are contagious and have set a precedent!!

To the expertise and personal efforts of Mrs. Christa Duque (Huddart), supported in team by Elianne Mureddu and Ana Daniela Ponce, we very gratefully attribute a season of pivotal development and delivery of weekend retreats, program planning and leader formation ...God’s grace in continuing the momentum of program assistance provided by Sister Bernadette of SOLI and the formation workshops graciously designed and delivered by Mrs. Kristiana Markelj and Miss Catharine Bone in our earliest years. Also to the Regnum Christi members and Consecrated Women and LC Brothers, the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate in Cambridge, and the Challenge and Conquest Club leaders, Catherine Lindo, Carl Pinto and Marvin Duarte, who generously supported and helped form the club’s framework from the beginning, most sincere thanks.

Many thanks to Mrs. Nazneen Duarte for committing talent and great energy in curriculum, apostolate and event co-ordination over the past semester, for running a fantastic spring camp (Brebeuf) over two seasons and for continuing support in these activities. We are also truly grateful to Mrs. Martha Silva, Mrs. Sandra Pizarro and Mr. Jim Powers, our present and past Treasurers, for lending professional skills and carrying out extensive duties so vital to club life.

Challenge Milton has been blessed with the financial support of Holy Rosary Parish Knights of Columbus and Mrs. Clare Cutrara of Holy Rosary CWL, and for two years from Diocese of Hamilton's Ex Corde Foundation, established by Bishop Crosby. We also acknowledge the kindness of local businesses La Rose Bakery and Bread’n Batter Bakery for generous donations on several occasions, as well as Jim & Helen Powers for opening their home to training opportunities; to Liz Santos for donating venue, dishes and decor to many club events over recent years, to Milton Conquest and Familia for providing technical equipment and to Holy Rosary School in opening its doors to our meetings over all five years.

And finally, it’s a great pleasure to introduce as new Club President, Miss Ana Daniela Ponce, formerly our Youth Leader and Curriculum Director, who will bring solid leadership and experience to the growing vision for Milton Challenge. We so appreciate Daniela’s excellent work and dedication with our team leaders and program over three years so far! As President, Daniela will also manage the email account ([email protected]) and I know she will enjoy the support and enthusiasm of all of you in directing the club. May God bless you all and keep building the team in continuing His work!

As the 2015-16 chapter closes, another opens, with new ideas and possibilities in bringing the Church to the community -- challenging ourselves and the world, gratefully entrusting all to the wisdom and care of Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the 2016-17 Challenge season!